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 Neon Pink Wristband

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 Spare ID cards
Set of 12 (4 sheets)

Spare ID Cards
set of 60 (20 sheets)

Spare ID Cards
set of 144 (48 sheets)




Wholesale Orders

 Wholesale Case of 48
(PINK ID Wristbands)

Wholesale Case of 24
(PINK ID Wristbands)

Additional Shipping
Wholesale Orders

 $168.00 + $6 shipping

$94.80 + $6 shipping 


The wholesale orders will now contain only pink wristbands (since the blue wristbands our out of stock). We do not know when blue wristbands will be in stock again.

Having trouble with PayPal? Some customers have had trouble ordering through PayPal. If your order will not go through, please send us email (to sales @ note do not include the spaces around the @ symbol. Sorry for the inconvienience, but we receive too much automated SPAM if email addresses are included directly in or site). listing the items you want to order and your email address. We will send you a Paypal invoice, some people have better luck with the emailed links.

We are often asked how long it takes to receive the wristbands once an order is placed. As a rule we are faster than; orders normally ship via regular US mail on the day after the order was placed, occasionally orders are shipped the same day, but we do not guarantee that. We have received many calls requesting overnight shipment, so we have added a shopping cart to order the special shipping. Please note that it still takes us time to process our orders, so any order received prior to noon, mountain time with overnight shipping selected will be shipped the same day. Orders received later will be shipped via express mail, UPS red or Federal Express on the day after the order was received.

We strive to make our ordering process as simple as possible. Unfortunately, the minimum service charges for credit card processing by card services were absorbing most of our monthly revenue. So we changed to PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account then ordering is a breeze using the shopping carts below. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will automatically get one when you place an order. The information you need to provide to PayPal is no different than what card services required (a credit card number, expiration data, and billing and shipping addresses). However, with PayPal you only need to enter this information once; along with an account name and password. Then whenever you order from any PayPal vendor, you just need to log into your PayPal account. They know, from your user profile, how to bill you and where to ship the products. So even if you are new to PayPal, ordering is still a breeze. Just click on each shopping cart for the products you want, enter the desired quantity and click checkout when your done. You can even order items from multiple vendors in a single order.

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