Information for schools interested in using the id inside child safety identification wristband for fund raising or for use on field trips

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We offer three distinct programs for schools to benefit from ID Inside wristbands. They are:

  • Fund raising via order referral - The school receives a wristband information / literature rack (shown below) and at least 50 order forms. The school stamps their name in the "referred by" section of the order form and then receives $0.50 for each wristband ordered. The school will be paid monthly or quarterly depending on the number of orders received.
  • Fund raising via bundled order taking - The school receives the same rack as described above (and shown below). The school will also receive a "bundled order" order form. Parents can order from the rack like above, but if the school collects the checks and places a bundled order then the school will receive $0.75 for each wristband ordered. The school will be paid for the bundled order with the order shipment. At least 10 wristbands must be ordered for it to be considered a bundled order. Multiple bundled orders can be placed by a single institution.
  • Discounted purchasing of wristbands for use in the classroom - Schools can purchase wristband / id card sets without the packaging for use by classrooms at a discounted price of only $3.50 per wristband (with a minimum order of 20 wristbands). These wristbands are great on field trips so don't delay.

Wristband information / literature rack
On-line ordering is not available for the fund raising programs, but you can sign up for the fund raising program by faxing your request to 602-971-4474.

When ordering wristbands be sure to include the quantity of each color desired, the contact name and phone number, the shipping and billing address and a purchase order number to reference.

For additional information call 602-971-4474

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