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This program has been discontinued. It seemed like a good idea, but just didn't work out. Lots of reps signed up, but we never received any referred orders. Details of this program as it used to exist are as follow:

There is absolutely no cost and no risk to participate in this outstanding commission based program.

When you sign up you will be emailed a sales rep number and a sample sales letter about the ID Inside wristband. Simply customize this letter as you see fit and email it to your friends. Instruct them to include "credit sale to rep #<your rep number>" in the comments section of the online order form.

You will be credited $0.50 for each wristband ordered. Once a month you will either receive a check for the current total balance credited to your account (if the amount is greater than $5) or you will receive an email telling you your current account balance (if the amount is less than $5). Representative accounts that fail to reach the $5 limit after six months will be paid their current balance, but the account will then be closed (no further commissions will accrue).


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